Important! 5 things you need to know during your lip filler appointment.

What to expect when on your appointment for your lip filler treatment?


It can be a nerve-wracking experience to attend your first appointment or even your 10th appointment for your lip fillers. Some people cannot bear the thought of having the injection. However, at the same time, they want to plump their lips for a few reasons. This could be to feel better about themselves or just feel more confident.


Whatever your reasons may be, here are what you should expect at your appointment, especially with a fully qualified doctor or nurse injectors.


1.    The practitioner will provide you with a numbing cream before the appointment.

This is usually done 20-30 minutes before your appointment to avoid delays, especially if they know that you are coming for lip filler treatment beforehand. If you want, you can get them in chemist as well before your appointment especially if you have had it before or if your pain threshold is low.


2.    Your practitioner will consult you, going through your medical history, previous aesthetic history, any reactions etc. 

The main thing that they should check is if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Be wary if the injector doesn’t, as you should not have treatment if you are breastfeeding. Your injector might also ask about mental health problems that you might suffer from to screen from a condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This basically means someone who dislikes how they look so much, so they keep coming back to change their look and are never happy.


3.   Your injector might take before and after photos. 

Don’t fret; this is usually for their note-keeping procedure. This is for your future references as well as the practitioners. They might well ask you if you are happy for them to put in their social media platform for marketing purposes etc. but this is entirely up to you.


4.    The practitioner will discuss how you want your lips, and if they think it does not suit you aesthetically, they will advise otherwise.

The best proportion is 1:1.6, lower lips are smaller than the top, especially for Caucasians. I am sure you will have your dream and ideal lips in mind before coming to the practitioner. If they feel that it is aesthetically appropriate for you, they will not hesitate to plump your lips. They will also discuss how much fillers you want for your lips, usually 1ml of dermal filler per sitting. Too much in one go can cause too much swelling and other problems so best to listen to your practitioner.


5.    Finally, your injector should explain to you things that you should or should not do after the treatment.

Please click this link for more info on the Do’s and Don’ts after dermal filler treatment. This should be discussed in detail during the consultation before signing the informed consent form. The practitioners will explain common and rare side effects, what to look out for, and when to contact them. You should have contact details of your practitioner in hand in cases of emergencies/ complications. They should be able to help you to address the problems as soon as they can. 


We would like to wish you all the best for your next lip filler appointments! We will love to hear if your experience is different, better or worse than this. Leave a comment below!


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