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Skincare for the autumn & winter seasons – 4 things you need to know

It is sad times when The Summer is leaving us soon (although some of you might prefer the autumn/winter weather). We are bracing ourselves for the winter months. ‘Winter is coming’ as they said in ‘you-know-what’. The sun will not be shining as majestic as they have been. The cold wind snap will make your skin drier. 

These are the 4 things we need to incorporate in our skincare routine to cope with the changes in the weather.

Still, continue with your UV skin protection. Most people will think that the sun in autumn/winter will not affect your skin, mainly because the length of time is short compared to the summer months. This is where you are wrong, they are equally as dangerous as the summer months so please continue your SPF skin protection to prevent sun damage and the slow ageing process

  1. Apply moisturiser, perhaps more than usual. This is more important if you have dry skin, as you will age quicker with more dehydrated skin. 
  2. Keeping your body hydrated from within will be essential to keep your skin hydrated. 8 glasses of water or 2Litres of clear fluid, not coffee/tea/Diet Coke, will help with keeping your body hydrated.
  3. Regular facials or exfoliations can help to remove the dead skin cells. For facials, hydrating facial such as Hydrafacial or micro-needling can help rejuvenate your skin, making you look fresher and feel younger. 

Our doctor offers skin consultation, and we have different Medical Grade Skincare on offer. Visit our website, Instagram and Facebook page for more information and book in to see our doctor. We look forward to welcoming to our clinic.  

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